The vast knowledge and diverse background of Adrian L. Barton has allowed her to successfully represent clients in shareholder disputes, employment discrimination, Obamacare issues, and all kinds of business disputes.

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You’ve probably heard about this saying before: You get what you pay for. Maybe those words come from someone who’s proud of her new $80,000 car … or from someone wishing he’d bought his Rolex from a reputable jeweler rather than a street vendor.

In the world of law, there’s a growing gap between the price of legal services and clients’ perceived value of those services. Few people walk out of the lawyer’s office saying they got a “great deal.” Huge expenses created by many of the big law firms can necessitate exorbitant fees. But the large practices often cannot hone in on the true needs of the client.

I am Adrian L. Barton, owner of Barton Law, and I think you can have it both ways: a dedicated attorney with over 21 years experience whose fees reflect a law firm that is all about the dedication to the practice of law. We are careful with our expenses – in the end you are paying for those – except when it comes to matters of law. This is where we spend our time and our (your) money.

After practicing for most of my career in prestigious law offices in Arizona and California, including one of the top worldwide firms, Morrison Foerster, I formed my own law firm to bring quality legal services to business and individual clients with reasonable rates and individualized service. I am admitted to practice in Arizona and California, and look forward to working with you.

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An attorney with litigation experience, a comprehensive understanding of business and employment law, and the right training can make all the difference when it comes to protecting the rights of both the employer and the employee. If you have questions or problems in this area, call Barton Law at 602.753.9147.

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